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Simple and affordable services of shopping in the US
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Simple shopping services in the US

Get the address and buy in the USA Combine and Save Receive the parcel at home!

Simple and affordable services of shopping in the US

Shipping your purchases from US online stores
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   In an effort to keep pace with the times, many of us pay more attention to online shopping, choosing that instead long and painful trips at shopping malls when you need to find something worthwhile and reasonably priced. And although we are still far, for example, to the people of Europe, where more than a third of citizens are constantly buying over the Internet, but we can say that in general we are moving to the level of those countries, where most of the solvent population is familiar with online shopping.

   If you enjoy to order from online stores clothes, shoes, toys, books, and other useful things, you will probably be interested to learn about our offer. However, it is so profitable, that we are sure you will like it and those who are just taking the first steps in the development of shopping in the network. We will help you to make purchases of goods in the United States, we save you from a headache in the form of numerous mediators and overpayments!

So how does it work?

The ordering and delivery of goods from the United States have some of the features. First of all, many sellers flatly refuse to send parcels abroad: they do not want to be responsible for the work of international postal services are not ready to spend their own time searching for items if necessary. The second reason is almost all transactions for buying and selling online are subject to tax payable by the buyer, and the size of it depends on the state of delivery of the order.

   Fortunately, there are states in which such purchases are not taxed, which is used by service resellers. We will give you the address in such a state, helping to save up to 10% of the value of your favorite things. Delivery of goods from the online stores of America to the location of our warehouse located at that address, in most cases, will be free. You open the possibility of shopping in the most popular American trading floors and auctions where you can buy anything you want!

   And the pleasant more good news: we are happy to combine your purchases from several different online stores in one package, so you can save money on their international shipment. Order as much as necessary, as for this, and there we thought, and quickly consolidate operating system! Especially hard you will experience the beauty of this approach, if you like the sale going to the States several times a year. In such actions, when even the most expensive products cheaper in some times, are involved in almost all online by retailers. Make an order in several of them, you get them as a single package, where every thing will be carefully packed and extra packaging that adds extra volume and weight of the parcel will be removed. Perfect conditions, isn't it?

Why you should choose ShipBox USA?

  • We have the lowest rates of delivery of goods from online stores US, we do not charge our customers a monthly fee, in our pricing you will not find hidden commissions because they are not there!
  • You will be very easy to understand in terms of working with us!
  • You will be able to legally circumvent the need for tax that will ultimately help save a substantial amount!
  • If you are engaged in wholesale purchases, we will offer you discounts for their services.
  • Ordering and delivery of goods from the online stores of America will run you cheap, because you do not need to pay extra for the participation of intermediaries.


You will be able to make purchases with:

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and many other resources!


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